About us


We are a family run business manufacturing bespoke covers from top quality materials PVC/Canvas. products such as BBQ covers, Trailer covers, Cratch covers for canal boats, car boot liners, garden furniture covers etc, basically anything that needs covering.


We can also offer a service for  tarpaulin repairs, curtain side repairs, lorry sheet repairs, carp fishing luggage repairs, caravan awning repairs, that can involve zip replacements, hot air pvc welding, high frequency welding, stiching with industrial sewing machines etc.


I have over 20 years experience in the tarpaulin trade, so whatever your needs, the likelihood is I can cover it.


I pride myself in ensuring firstly you the customer is always happy with the end result, I don't make sacks, only quality fitted covers made to your specification with my vast experience on hand to ensure you get exactly what you need.


"It's all in the detail"


That motto is one I was never allowed to forget during my years as an apprentice, I thinks it's very true, I have manufactured many products over the years and served many happy customers in my time working for someone else and I have now decided to make a go of it myself.


If we can be of service to you then don't hesitate to call even if it's only for advice, really no problem at all, I enjoy what I do, it's more than a business and that is reflected in my products



David Rogers

Phone: 07825 636196

E-mail: dave.rogers@daveshade.co.uk